How to Explore Olympic National Park Without a Car

Reach the Park: – If you don't have a car, your first challenge is reaching Olympic National Park. Consider taking a bus, train

Ferries: You can take ferries to reach the Olympic Peninsula, including the Coho Ferry from Victoria, British Columbia

Stay Near the Park: – Choose accommodations near the park's entrance or visitor centers. This will make it easier to access the park's interior.

Utilize Shuttle Services: – Olympic National Park offers shuttle services during the peak summer season.

Join Guided Tours: – Consider guided tours that offer transportation within the park. Some tours include shuttle service

Rent Bicycles: – Renting a bicycle is an excellent way to explore areas of Olympic National Park. The Olympic Discovery Trail

Hiking and Walking: – Many park trails and visitor areas are accessible by foot. Plan your activities to focus on hiking and walking

Carpool or Ridesharing: – If you're traveling with others, consider carpooling with someone who has a vehicle.

Plan Ahead: – Research the specific areas of the park you want to explore and determine how to reach them via public transportation

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