Pizza Hut Quietly Added an Extra Service Fee In This State

California company has always been expensive, but in recent months, expenditures have risen significantly. Due to global and domestic supply

chain challenges, California businesses are facing increasing wages and material expenses on top of hefty taxes and regulations.

How does Pizza Hut offset its higher operational costs there? Pizza prices are up. And pasta. Also, breadsticks. According to The Los Angeles Times,

the restaurant is now charging a "service fee" on all delivery orders and anything else they sell. No constant cost appears between places, thus that fee 

It differs from the chain's years-old delivery price. Former employees sued Pizza Hut, alleging that the delivery 

fee is used to raise profits. This is the case with the new "service fee," which appears to be a customer-paid pricing hike.

Some clients noticed the upcharge months ago. In a post on the r/pizzahut forum, a customer complained that a $1.09'service fee

order due to California's high business costs. Does it constitute deceptive pricing to propose one price and increase service fees?

California has 525 Pizza Hut outlets, second only to Texas with almost 650. The chain closed hundreds of stores nationally

in recent years to stabilize after NPC International, a key franchise operator, filed for bankruptcy in the summer of 2020.