The Best & Worst New Sodas of 2023—Ranked!

Elite Daily calls it a flavor "combo that'll have you scratching your head," but a limited availability is excellent news. 

No offense to those of you who miss Pepsi Blue, but we didn't need it back. However, it returned in 2023

Most of Mountain Dew's limited-release sodas are unappealing, but that's a good way to characterize this one. Food Sided says it tastes like Halloween candy. 

This limited-edition Pepsi-Cola advertising drink, described as a watery chocolate drink or milky soda, failed to catch on. 

Wild Bill's new seasonally-themed soda was meant to be a nonalcoholic artisan beverage that matches fall and winter flavors. 

This soda's zero sugar and calories are wonderful, but its almost nonexistent flavor is not. It is sweetened with erythritol

Ghia's new Le Spritz drinks are sophisticated, flavorful, and not too sweet. They can be drunk alone or with a spirit. 

If you like sweetness, Sprite's seasonal edition is a treat. The sugary lead is complemented by spice and complexity from the other flavors. 

Pepsi Mango was introduced as a permanent flavor earlier this year to favorable reviews. Indeed, Yahoo!

Coke and coffee work despite their oddity. Since Coca-Cola had tried a similar product line 15 years earlier, it tried it again.